May, 2015.

I still remember that my best friend (Fandi) and I had some agreement 3 months ago (February). If he could be momo’s boyfriend, I will accompany him to go to Bromo Mountain with her. Such a funny agreement between both of us. And Luckily the dream comes true, we’re going to go there for 2 days because finally the girl accepted his love and right now they are engaged and going to marry on next November. Congratulations for your succeed bro!!!!!

I was planning to go to Bromo from Bandung by Malabar Train. We tried to get as cheap as possible budget since on that time I didn’t have much money for holiday. We landed in Malang first to visit my hometown for 3 hours (had breakfast) and continued going to Surabaya by Bima Train either. We’re going to spend a night in Hotel Sahid Surabaya because Momo’s friends and us took Surabaya as our 1st meet-up.

Around 3pm we checked in on that Hotel. We felt the Hotel is very cozy and luxury. We put off our travel bag and had a rest for some hours. After praying Fandi and I were going to go to happening Mall in Surabaya (Tunjungan Plaza). We choose to go there by Angkot instead of Taxi to grab the feeling (read: get the cheap prize). Compare to Bandung, the whether in Surabaya is the winner in terms of humidity and the heat. πŸ™‚

We spent 3 hours on that Mall just for window shopping. We thought that the stuff there is slightly same with we found in PVJ, TSM, and Ciwalk Bandung, and for sure the price there is more expensive. So we really not interested to grab some there. (read: we’re lack of money).

Nothing interesting to be shared while we’re in Surabaya. I will elaborate more my experience when going to Bromo on the 2nd day. See you!!!


Camping & Rafting Day

Bandung, 26 December 2014

On the bright morning I sent message to the owner of car rental to ask whether he has arrived in Mitrais Bandung office or not. We made agreement to drop the car on that place. At 6:00 AM he responded my message and he was waiting me there.

After graduated from campus I thought in work field I won’t find close friend anymore. Every person is just colleague and team work only. They just contact each other for business only and don’t care about your personal thing. So different with in school/campus, we still can make a friendship with some of them. Sharing anything even tough don’t have related with task is still acceptable and they still give their time for us.

But, that perception is really not applicable on my work place. I still can find many colleagues close friend there. I don’t know why, but I feel so happy and comfort. They are my partner or teamwork inside, but they are my close friend even my family outside. We have done many things together such as visiting some Bali Beach, kind of events like picnic, office party, and happy hour. Ohhh, I feel not alone work here.


Great Camping in Bali

After passing long holiday a week before just stayed up in boarding house, so I will not miss my weekend at the same place. I need to refresh my mind from flatness, try to find new environment, and hopefully will make my life being better.

Camping to Buyan lake being the destination to spend my weekend. Although, I have ever been there I don’t feel bored and I supposed it would be a great camping.

danau Buyan ( 06 Apr 13 )_5

With 6 friends, we went there by rent an APV car. We have prepared anything to be brought and makes the camping more enjoyable. Such as a tent, a mat, a stove, and of course some foods. This journey began at 7 pm, and we met on Kuta office due to the rent car was delivered there. Personally I focus on bringing a thick jacket, plate and glass, toothbrush, and other personal stuffs. As estimate, we will arrive in the lake at 9 pm.

Overall, the camping didn’t meet big troubles,Β even tough all night was cloudy. πŸ™‚

Just a weekend

Bisa dibilang, kegiatan akhir pekanku kemarin sangat padat. Namun kepadatan acaraku didominasi pada jam-jam malam menjelang pagi. Maklum, hobi sosialita kini makin menjadi saja dan tak mengenal kata berhenti.

Friday night

Jumat, hari terakhir aku ngantor. Saatnya menyambut weekend dengan suka cita. It’s time to sosialita. πŸ™‚ Rencana sehh, jam 7-an pengen fitness dulu, namun ternyata keasyikan nonton film korea di laptop. Saking asyiknya, jam 9 tengah berlalu dengan cepatnya. Ya sudah, latihan fitness kali ini di pending dulu. Sekitar pukul 10:30 dapat sms dari tim sosialita kalo acara kali ini bertempat di Mc D – Pantai Kuta. Hmmm, setelah menunggu teman kos pulang dari futsal, akhirnya kita berdua berangkat menuju TKP. Disana sudah ada tim sosialita yang sudah datang beberapa menit yang lalu. Akhirnya, total ber-5 kita ngobrol-ngobrol sampe pukul 3 pagi. Fiuhhh, karena ga ada acara yg lain akhirnya acara kali ini diakhiri dulu. Namun, karena ada tim sosialita (cewek) yg rumahnya lumayan jauh di daerah kampus udayana, dan sendirian, akhirnya aku dan teman kosku menawarkan diri untuk mengantarkannya. Hmmm, Bali jam 3 pagi dinginn banget. πŸ˜€

Saturday night

Di hari ini, acara dimulai lebih sore. Tim sosialita akan mengunjungi salah satu pantai di Bali selatan, Dreamland Beach. Total ber-4 cabut dari kosku pukul setengah 5 sore. Sesampai di pantai, kita berpoto ria dengan background yg sungguh luar biasa. Kita juga menunggu untuk melihat sunset di pantai itu.

Setelah puas, akhirnya kita balik untuk cari makan malam. “Warung Sea Food Muslim” terpilih sbg tempatnya. Hmmm, setelah kenyang memakan Tomyang dan goreng udang, kita semua balik ke kos masing-masing utk membersihkan badan dari pasir yg masih melekat di kaki dan tangan.

Jam 11:20, tim sosialita kembali berkumpul. Pilihan tempat jatuh di KFC – Pantai Kuta. Ok, fast food lagi. Total kita ber-8, lumayan banyak yg datang. Sekitar 2 jam-an nongkrong di KFC, kita lanjut clubbing di La Vida – Seminyak. Hmmm, kitaΒ dance on the floorΒ sampai jam 3 pagi. Hahahahahaa..

Sunday night

Niatnya sehh pengen berenang di Gatsu, tapi karena tim sosialita pada tidak bersemangat, akhirnya di hari ini kita nge-mall. Total ber-4 pergi ke Galeria Mall – Bali, untuk sekedar melihat-lihat barang yang ada disana. Kita makan malam di hokben dan ngobrol-ngobrol ringan di taman tengah mall. Kita pulang dari mall jam 10 malam.

Snorkeling – Amazing Memory

Keep action under the sea

Bali has many beautiful places. There are many visitors either domestic or foreigner come to Bali since this island offers great beaches and cultures. Fortunately my office is in Bali, so I wouldn’t miss the chance to visit all vacation place there. πŸ™‚

One day, my boarding house’s friend told me about his experience do snorkeling and diving. He said that by snorkeling we could see the beautiful view under the sea, such as various fish and beautiful coral. By this story, I’m quite curious about that activity and I’d like to try that.

To satisfy my curious, I invited some my friends to do snorkeling in Amed beach – Bali. We’re going to that beach by rent car. So, finally there were 12 persons who joined this event and used 2 cars. Because this is my 1st time, so I just prepared to bring some clothes to swim and my brave to swim in the sea. πŸ™‚

After arrived in the beach, we all rent snorkeling equipment such as snorkel, fin, and vest/life jacket. Snorkel is used to see some fish and coral under the sea clearly. Fin is used to ease swimming in the sea. Vest/life jacket is optional, we may not wear it in case we’re able to swim in the sea, and my friend advised me to wear it.

We are “Pandawa Lima”

My parents has 5 sons. It’s the reason why many people call us “Pandawa Lima”. I’ve 2 big bro and 2 little bro and ‘m on the middle. πŸ™‚

Goes to Jatim Park I before I went back to Bali

I loved all my brothers and they are really important for my life. My 1st big bro (Ferry Anwar) has married and has 1 daughter. He lived with his family in his own house. He works for a driver of public transportation and sometimes helps his father-in law to harvest cows. As the 1st son, he is quite wise and strong. I’m not quite near with him and rare to share everything with him.

My 2nd big bro (Donny Prasetyo) is still single. Currently he also works for a driver of public transportation in Malang. He lives with my parents. He is quite naughty and childish. When I was studying, I dislike him since we were not match on thought and perspective. But, currently I feel we are so close and sometimes chat and have jokes together. I don’t know why it happened, perhaps we have adult already. πŸ™‚ I wish he has brighter future and could make my parent happy.

My 1st little bro (Nurwin Febi Romadho) is a student in Vocational High School in Malang. It is SMKN 4 (Grafika) Malang, majoring in Production. Currently, he is joining Apprentice in Jawa Pos Solo for 1 year. He is funny and friendly. Sometimes he is wiser than me and we always sharing something each other. We have same case that we live far from our family, that’s why we always keep communication and contact. I believe he would be a hard/smart worker and I hope he will get the best job after graduate from his school.

Last but not least is my 2nd little brother (Panca Adi Gana). He studies in the same school with my 1st little brother. As the last son, no wonder if he is quite childish. He is friendly and so brave. When I went home last week, I went to some cafe in Malang with him to have some coffee and noodles. Fortunately, we could share something easily as a close friend, though we always hostile when I was studying.

From the left top : Me, Mom, and 1st little bro

From the left bottom : 1st big bro, 2nd big bro, and 2nd little bro